3 Reasons why you’re not motivated to go to the gym…


Many times people ask me how they can get motivated or what others do to be so motivated and committed to their workouts. So I came up with 3 reasons why they can’t stay motivated and the solutions to each of them.

1. You associate it with hard work based on past physical activities or other types of mental conditioning from the past

The problem with the first reason is that we are living in the past. Whether it’s fitness-related or not, human beings are conditioned to avoid pain, and seek pleasure. If you’ve associated working out with pain, even though you know it’s good for you and it’s necessary, you will not always fully commit to it. Some people have more discipline than others and treat their workout like a job: whether you hate your job or not, you always show up at 8am and leave at 5pm. And that works for them, but it’s still “pain” and “work” instead of fun and pleasure. What happens then is that one day you’re so fed up with it that you decide to quit, or you’re so miserable that it’s not making you healthy as it’s supposed to.

Solution: Build a bank of good workout experiences/memories

The solution to that is to remember times when you felt great after an intense workout or any physical activity. You were sweaty, you might have been a little sore, but you released a lot of endorphins, you felt amazing and after a nice warm shower, you felt even better as your muscles relaxed. The next day, you felt confident, you had plenty of energy and you were ready to tackle any task that came your way.  Then someone grabbed your arm and asked you if you workout, and you felt like superman. I bet even just from reading it you remember and feel good just from thinking about it… If you go for that “high” before you even start your workout, you’ll always be motivated to do it and you’ll always feel great about it before, during and after.

2. You are very aware that the results will not come right away

You know it’s good for you know to workout, and that you felt great in the past from working out. So the problem here is not the past, but the future. You want results today, but you haven’t even lifted a finger yet. You see the P90X commercial over and over and get excited about it but you’re mentally rehearsing the end results (the “after” photo) before you even buy dumbbells. Then you order the stuff, look at the calendar and realize that you’ll have to workout every single day for the next 90 days… and it seems like 9 years. You get into it anyways, start feeling good, then something comes up, and 10 days into it you realize you’re not buff yet, and you quit. Once you quit it’s always hard to pick it back up. You always have to start over… from scratch.

Solution: See your ideal self in the near future

Don’t look at the end results. Make it a lifestyle. One you use the first step to build good memories from the past that you can use to avoid the thought of pain, start building positive visions for the future that you can for motivation. You can imagine yourself shirtless with whatever your body type/goal is, maybe nice pecs, big arms, maybe a 6-pack, on the beach, strong legs, with everyone admiring your strength, or whatever you’d like to be in the future. You should even print out a photo of your ideal body and post it somewhere that you will see everyday, at least 3 times a day. It could be on your computer, your bedroom wall, your bathroom mirror, your fridge, etc.

3. You are multitasking or doing other activities that are more pleasurable at the moment

Once again, humans tend to always be looking for pleasure, and to be avoiding pain. When it comes to working out, sometimes you’d rather be playing video games, watching a movie, be on Facebook, hangout with your girl, etc. But the problem is that she’s eventually going to tell you that you’re fat. Okay… maybe not really, but she’ll respect you more if you have enough self-control, self-respect, goals and discipline and of course she’ll enjoy you more when you’re stronger, happier, more confident and healthy. If you’re not stuck in the past or in the future but your present is cluttered and wasted, it doesn’t help much either, because before you know it, you’re 20 years on T, you have a busy life and you forgot all about your fitness goals that you set 20 years ago. The problem here is that you let life happen to you instead of you making it happen.

Solution: Remove clutter out of your life and get organized.

Clutter can be physical or mental. If you’re constantly worried about something, you’re never focused on what’s happening now/in the present and you’re never accomplishing anything with your life. Jim Rohn said it well: “Wherever you are, be there. Develop a unique focus on the current moment.” The best way to live a happy and fulfilling life is to actually be there. Each second is either enjoyed or wasted. Once you’ve built up a memory bank to avoid pain and made a vision board or some kind of visual to stay motivated, the next step is to get organized. If you’re going to workout at home, clean out an area where you’ll be working out, organize your schedule, make a list of workout routines, and if you’re going to get a gym membership, schedule a time to checkout the gym and sign up, make a schedule and commit to it. Remember that the choices we make lead to actions that become habits and that in turn make us into who we are.


If you live in the past, you will never experience anything new; if you live in the future, you will miss everything that’s happening around you now; but if you commit to live in the present moment, do it on purpose. Decide to enjoy each minute as it comes and make the best of it. Like someone said “the past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift; that’s why we call it present.”