Using your competitive edge for motivation


I love competition!

Not in a mean, nasty way but because I hate losing and I love being the best at everything I do. I am also a perfectionist and that could be good for motivation but it could also be a challenge in itself because many times I have a fear of failure and that alone can get me frozen and stop working towards important goals.

Having said that, I do the best I can at everything I’m working on and here are two key points I use to make sure I stay on track, going in the right direction, and that I stay motivated while working on a goal.

  • Competitive Edge:

Having a competitive edge is being able to enjoy a challenge while expecting excellence. When someone tells me that I can’t do something, they’re doing me a favor by challenging and pushing me, whether they know it or not, and even if they’re just being a jerk. It’s now up to me to prove them wrong not because they matter so much to me but because I will always try my best.

If you’re not mentally strong enough to do that, maybe you weren’t ready for the challenge in the first place. Always be willing to push yourself and EXPECT people to try to pull you from achieving your goal. The more you’re pulled, the more you should push; This is why you should never be offended by people’s opinion, constructive or not; otherwise there is not enough force to make you push and you get complacent.

People only get offended because they let others offend them. People will always act however they want to act. It’s always up to you to CHOOSE the reaction and attitude you will have toward that action. When you challenge yourself or accept a challenge from someone directly or indirectly, see if it comes from a positive place; if it fuels any negative energy like insecurity, anger or hate, you should dismiss the challenge and the person altogether.

  • Integrity:

Integrity is the ability to stay true to your word even when the circumstances change. When I mentioned that it’s important to stay on track, I didn’t say that you should stay on track at the same speed/rate. Just make sure you’re going in the right direction, keeping your eyes focused on the goal, even if it means stopping to breathe and to remember what exactly you’re working for, or even to check your emotions and motivation. Sometimes circumstances change; things aren’t ass easy and beautiful as when we set the goal and put it on paper; but your integrity should be strong enough to let you push through the circumstances until you reach that phase where it’s “easy, comfortable and beautiful” again. And because life is a cycle and because humans can get complacent, make sure you don’t stay too comfortable to long but always challenge yourself for an even bigger goal. When a plant stop growing, it starts dying. It’s the same with humans.

You said you were going to achieve a goal, you told the whole world about it (which is good for motivation and for accountability), and then it gets a little harder than what you envisioned in your head? Stick to it, hold yourself accountable by taking responsibility for your actions and your mistakes. If you have to tweak a few things in your action plan because you realize you were in way over your head, don’t completely erase that goal; instead make smaller goals in steps, that will eventually help you realize the big goal you had in mind. But start somewhere. That’s more important than making goals on paper on in your mind. A body in motion stays in motion. So start moving!