Meet Kyler Wilson – Profile of the Month


NAME: Kyler Wilson

AGE: 25


Kyler is a full-time college student and is almost 7 months on Testosterone (Started on July 16, 2012), He is pre-op and currently in the process of legally changing his name.

His interests are: Working out, spending time with his girlfriend, family, friends and pets and fishing/camping in the summer.

I interviewed Kyler on February 11th to get to know him better and ask him a few questions that might inspire others to keep on track with their health, fitness and nutrition goals. But before we get to the interview, check out Kyler’s video below where he tells you a little about his story in his own words.

If you could give me one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Kyler W.: Determined.

 When during your transition did you decide to make a lifestyle change related to fitness, nutrition and health? (How did you get into fitness?)

Kyler W.: It was before I started testosterone. Right after I came out to my girlfriend is when I started dieting. I knew that not only did I want to start hormones, but I wanted to lose weight. I’m aiming for a fit male body. And getting into fitness was something I had been meaning to do for a long time. I was really into sports when I was in high school but had struggled with depression for many years and could never find the motivation. I was surprised at how good I felt when I started working out again. I really enjoy fitness.

Do you think that for you and for many other trans guys, starting the transition is a factor that pushes/motivates to be in a better shape?

Kyler W.: Absolutely. Before I came out, I was so dsyphoric and unhappy that in a way, I just didn’t care about my body. But when I came out, I knew that I had the power to match my body to what I feel it should be. If that makes sense.

Do you think bio/natal/cisgender men have an advantage when it comes to fitness?

Kyler W.: I think the only advantage they have is that they went through one puberty- male puberty. Therefore, they already have the narrow hips and never had to develop female hips/chest/etc. For trans guys, it’s hard to get rid of those female characteristics. I have noticed that since starting T, I’m developing muscles like crazy. So I think that with enough work and dedication, I can acheive that masculinized body. I just think it takes more work for trans guys.

Sometimes I get jealous of cisgender guys. I think it’s a feeling a lot of trans guys have. But it’ll make the end result that much more meaningful. We will have accomplished those fitness goals from a lot of hard work. We’ll appreciate it more than someone who was born in the correct body.

 What did your diet consist of before and what is it now?

Kyler W.: I didn’t do anything fancy for my diet. I used an app called myfitnesspal to help keep track of my calorie intake. I started eating 3 meals and several snacks in between meals. A lot of protein, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, dairy. I didn’t cut out anything from my diet. I just started eating in moderation and it really paid off. I also cut out regular soda from my diet. (I used to drink up to 5 cans a day, if not more). Now, I eat the same things. My only problem with my diet now is that ever since starting T, I’ve been craving more sweets. I’m about to start counting calories again and really monitoring what I eat so I can lose the additional 40 pounds. I started drinking a lot of absolute zero monsters and decided last week to stop drinking them for one month. It’s been almost a week and so far, so good.

Do you workout on a regular basis along with dieting? If so, what do your workouts look like?

Kyler W.: Yes, I work out 2-3 times a week. I alternate between arm and leg workouts along with cardio. Last semester, I was so busy with school that I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I started going again in January so I’m working my way up on cardio. Right now I do about 35 minutes of cardio after lifting weights, but eventually would like to be doing 1 hour of cardio in addition to lifting weights. I’m also going to start doing an ab workout. I’m hoping to eventually be doing abs/cardio 1 day, legs/cardio another day, and arms/cardio for the third day.

What’s the most challenging thing about staying healthy?

Kyler W.: For me, the most challenging thing is my diet. When I’m in school, I’m really busy and it’s hard to make healthy dinners every night. It can be easier to just grab a pizza or pick up dinner somewhere. In the summers is when I eat the healthiest because i have time to cook dinner every night. It’s still something that I’m working on.

 And what keeps you motivated to stay on track?

Kyler W.: The end result. I’m motivated by the body I want to have. When I’m actually dedicated to my diet and I’m losing weight, I’m motivated by seeing clothes fit looser and buying a smaller size of clothing. When I’m lacking motivation, I look at old pictures of me before I gained weight and remind myself of what I am working towards. It works every time.

 What are your goals for 2013?

Kyler W.: My goal is to lose 40 pounds over the next 5-6 months. Once I hit my goal weight, this summer I want to dedicate more time in the gym to work on building muscles and decreasing my body fat percentage.

 What advice would you give to a beginner transguy?

Kyler W.: Never give up. And to not be intimidated by the challenge. My first time going back to the gym was really hard. But I pushed myself and never gave up. It pays off.

Is it intimidating to go to the gym while binding? Do you bind in the gym? 

Kyler W.: Yes I bind in the gym. I refuse to go anywhere without wearing my binder. I don’t feel intimidated by wearing my binder. However, I’m intimidated by the bathroom/locker rooms at the gym. I still don’t use them. I wear workout clothes to the gym and use the bathroom before I leave so I don’t have to use it while I’m there. Someday I will pass without question. I just don’t feel like I’m quite there yet.


If you want, to keep in touch with Kyler, feel free to e-mail him at kyler.wilson15 at