Exercise of the week – Plank




Other name(s): Hover, front hold, abdominal bridge


Planks are a great addition to your workout routine if you perform them correctly. Hold your body weight like a pushup, but keep the weight on your forearms, elbows and toes. Hold the position for as long as possible (minimum 30 seconds). The longer you hold the harder you workout your muscles.

 Benefits: perform plank exercises to work on your abdominal muscles, glutes (side planks), back and shoulders.


 Make sure that your elbows are placed directly beneath your shoulders, that your weight is equally distributed while contracting the lats, glutes and quad muscles to lock your knees. Don’t forget to breathe!



  • Hip dips in plank position
  • Rocking plank
  • Plank jacks
  • Up/down plank
  • Straight arm plank
  • Straight arm plank with leg lift
  • Walking plank
  • Spiderman plank
  • Plank twist into side plank
  • Side plank with hip dips
  • Side plank with oblique crunch
  • Side plank with oblique twist
  • Side plank with leg lift
  • Reverse planks
  • Reverse planks with leg lifts
  • Plank with elbows on stability ball (move arms in small circles for added stability challenge!)
  • Plank with toes on stability ball
  • Plan with one arm dumbbell rows