Exercise of the Week – Superman


Benefits: Back, Butt, hips, shoulders, hamstrings

To start, lie on your stomach on the floor with your legs stretched out and your toes pointing behind/away from you. Reach your arms over your head stretched in front of you with palms facing each other.

To go up, strengthen your core muscles and slowly lift both legs until they’re off the floor; at the same time lift both arms up off the floor. Keep this position briefly.

Remember to keep your legs and arms straight, to keep your head aligned with your spine. Keep it straight and not too much towards the floor or too much towards the ceiling.

To go back down, gently lower your legs and arms to go back to the original position without moving your lower back or hips.

Remember to inhale and exhale!



  • You can alternate legs and arms (left arm/right leg, right arm/left leg)
  • You can rotate from one side of your body to another
  • You can try it on a medicine ball
  • You can do the kneeling superman
  • You can do an advanced superman where instead of one leg kneeling, it’s supporting your weight straight at an angle
  • You can add weight to your arms or legs
  • You can put one arm on a raised surface
  • You can keep your arms to your sides instead of raising them up
  • If you’re up to doing something even more challenging and want to add an opposite movement to the superman, you can try the superman pushup.