Hitting The Gym After Top Surgery? Here Are 7 Things To Remember!



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Q: How long after top surgery can I go back to the gym

Are you wondering when you can go to the gym after having top surgery?  Well, the best thing to remember is to listen to your doctor’s advice and to listen to your body.  After I had my top surgery, I waited a full month based on my doctor’s advice.  While waiting, I visualized myself lifting weights at the gym before going to bed.  This was a very powerful exercise for me because I imagined myself at the gym which helped my mindset while waiting.

Here are 7 things to remember while waiting to get back in the gym.

1. Your body is healing.  Treat it well.  Eat fresh food and drink fresh juice.

2. Watch comedies and other movies that make you laugh.  It’s proven that laughter
raises immunity and helps speed healing.

3. Remember, the waiting is temporary and listen to what your surgeon says about how long to wait.

4. Go shopping!  Buy tight shirts and tank tops to wear when you get back in the gym.

5. Research chest exercises and create workouts on paper in preparation for your gym return.

6. Be grateful and thankful that you got your top surgery.  Say thank you throughout the day for your flat chest.

7. Take walks if your doctor says it’s okay to do so.  Walking is a great way to reflect on your progress
during this transition and a good way to burn calories, too!

Waiting is temporary.  Be in the moment and be present, and the waiting will fly by!  In the meantime,
enjoy your time off and visualize your new muscular chest!

J. Rose