7 Foods to avoid!


                     Ever wonder what foods to avoid in your diet?  Ever wonder how to get the same satisfaction
                                                 from these foods but don’t know what to replace them with? 

Well, here’s is a list of some foods to avoid in your diet and some ideas for replacements:

1. Restaurant food (often times there is so much added sugar, salt, and fat that you would
be appalled if you knew the nutrition information)  Instead, cook at home!

2. High calorie bagels (instead, try 2 scoops of organic brown rice)

3. Soda (Choose sparkling water and juice from lemon and limes, instead with some added honey)

4. Cereal with added sugar that looks like it doesn’t have added sugar! (Read all labels carefully). Instead, choose organic cereal with 1-2 ingredients and add sweet ripe fruit.

5. Food with a long list of ingredients which usually includes all processed foods.  Instead, eat what grows organically.

6. GMO tofu, corn, and soy.  Read the labels to find out who is part of The Non GMO Project and watch
for misleading labeling.  Learn the difference between GMO Free and Non-GMO, etc.  Eat organic as much as possible
and grow your own food.  Food grows easily.  Just look at all of the rooftop gardens in cities!

7.  Ice cream.  Here’s an idea: Take 3 frozen bananas and mix with nonfat organic chocolate powder (there are many to choose from) and put in a bowl with some almond milk.  Or, if you have a blender, blend only the bananas and the powder together to make a banana chocolate frozen treat.

Think about adding fiber to your diet, too.  I find that Dave’s Killer Seed Bread and 3 organic dates are a good addition to my morning breakfast. If you can’t have seeds, then try good old-fashioned oatmeal.

Happy eating!

Jody Rose