Is money the root of all evil?


Have you ever noticed that most people who believe that are actually the ones working the hardest to earn money or struggling the most to keep the money they have?

I’ve got two questions for you:

Question 1:

If money was the root of all evil, why would we have to work to earn in?

Question 2:

If I give you enough money to pay for your entire transition today, would you refuse it and cuss me out because it’s evil?

The actual bible quote translated from Greek is “The love (GREED) of money is the root of all evil.” -1 Tim. 6:10

Your beliefs set your expectations, and your expectations are most certainly always fulfilled. You create your own struggles and success simply based on what you believe.

If you claim that money is evil, you will not attract money in your life and you will keep struggling. Just like if you keep saying and thinking that women (or men) are horrible. You will either be single for a long time or you will attract horrible women because that’s the image you’ve painted in your mind.

Not wanting to be better off financially is selfish; because it’s not just about you, it’s about those who have to take care of you now and when you’re old; your kids who could have a better life and enjoy their childhood without stress but most importantly, the Trans community! You can leave the world a better place knowing that you’ve helped as many people as possible live a stress-free life. Schools and hospitals have been created with money and help millions of people everyday. Businesses have been created with money and offer jobs to people… sometimes with a good insurance plan. You get the point…

Unfortunately a lot of the believes we have are shaped since childhood based on the conditioning we received from our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders and the media. But today you can recognize and claim that it’s not your fault and it’s YOUR belief. Your belief today should be tha:

  • Money is only a tool, and the person who uses it has the choice to do good or evil with it.
  • Money is a GREAT tool that can give you more time, more freedom and more choices in life
  • Money is a tool that can empower you to help a lot of people, including your family and the Trans community
  • Money can give you the freedom to travel the world and see all of God’s creation!

These are only four things money can do and you can turn them into affirmations if you’d like; but know that you can create more of these and claim them everyday in order to change your beliefs and attract more money!


To your success,


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