Kettlebells are fantastic for your core and lower back and  very versatile.  They are a mixture of cardio and strength exercise and doing kettlebells once a week has upped my general fitness levels as well as trimmed some flab off my core!

You can do kettlebell circuits instead of using cardio machines – or use kettlebells as a warm up to weights

But there are some golden rules:

  • Focus on your form – try and keep your abs clenched while you do the exercises.
  • Don’t use a heavy kettlebell – start with a 6kg  (13 lb approx) and then move up to an 8kg (approx 17lb) – it may not look like much but after half an hour it should feel heavy!
  • Keep back straight at all times and use legs and glutes when doing the swing.

Below are links to 2 short videos:

The first one is a short video demonstrating good technique (apart from doing the ‘halo’ exercise – don’t think his technique is very good!)


The second is a good example of a kettlebell circuit.


I personally think the guys in these exercises are using a heavier weight than is necessary…

Hope you enjoy!