Saving for Surgery!


Can you afford to put $125/wk in a saving account?

If you can, you can save to have surgery in 1 year. That’s 500 a month! 500 × 12 = $6500. If you can only afford 250 a month, that’s fine. It will take you 2 years.

I know first hand saving for surgery is hard and depressing. At times it seems like you just won’t get enough. Well I’m here to encourage you guys not to give up because if you really want it you can accomplish it. It took me giving up everything that I thought was so important to me for my dream of surgery to come true. I had to let go for a lot of things. Cable, internet, my apartment, being able to see my wife everyday, jobs that didn’t pay enough that allowed me to save for surgery. Sometimes looking at a smaller number helps a lot when trying to save. So that’s what I did. Instead of holding onto the money, I got rid of it as soon as I received it. We all know when we save things start breaking and needing to be replaced. I noticed when I got rid of the money I didn’t have those problems.  As soon as I got paid I would call the dr. Office and make a payment. Don’t be afraid to do this.all dr.s will take your money early. If you sit around waiting for everyone else to help you, you maybe waiting forever.

Help yourselves! If you are working one job that doesn’t pay enough, don’t be complacency! Find another one. Even if it’s at MCDONALD’S.  All the money spends the same. Minimize your eating out. Save your receipts and look at how much money you could have saved or paid to your dr. Minimize your entertainment.  How important is it to go to a concert, a movie? I cut out cable and got Netflix and saved $175 a month.just on that one change.  You guys can do this, we are some of the strongest individuals mentally.  Good luck to all!