FitBit Force Fitness Smart Watch





It was my birthday recently and I unexpectedly received a gift that I am totally and utterly obsessed with. The FitBit Force. This is the newest watch in a line of fitness recording devices from the FitBit company. The watch automatically syncs to your smartphone and/or your laptop and projects your stats to a dashboard. The FitBit dashboard allows you to entire your food consumed, weight, height, and average walking/running length (for accuracy). These “new” wrist bands are designed to record your daily physical activity in a variety of variables:

1. Estimated calories burned

2. Estimated steps taken

3. Estimated mileage gone

4. Flights of stairs

5. Estimated active minutes

6. Sleep quality

(for 1-5 you can set daily and weekly goals and your watch will vibrate to notify you of when you have reached your goal!!)

From what I have experienced this device is quite accurate on all variables with steps taken being the weakest measure. There are many products like this out there such as the Nike Fuelband and various others. I assume they all work roughly the same. What’s great about these devices is the ability for you to constantly be aware of whether or not you are meeting minimum calorie requirements for your weight loss or gain goals. On average any given person will burn roughly 2000 calories just breathing (this is an estimate, some burn less and some burn more) in a day. To lose weight (primarily fat) you need to burn more calories than you are taking in. If you want to gain weight you need to consume more calories than you are burning.

If you are looking to attack january with a full fledge promise to begin a new year being slightly more health conscious than last year this may be the perfect gift to ask for christmas. Also if you are trying to drop some weight before/after top surgery or after hormone treatment initial weight gain this would make a great tool to reaching your goals! The FitBit Force is a whopping 149.99$ but there are other devices with a much smaller price tag. FitBit Flex $99.99,and the New Balance Life Trainer $69.99. If you need help, motivation, and ability to track physical activity this little device is totally worth the investment!