7 Steps to Effective Surgery Fundraising



Raising money for surgeryEvery other day I come across someone who is raising funds for their surgery either by promoting it on Youtube, Facebook or other forums and social media platforms. Some are successful and some are not. And there is a reason for it. Here are a few tips you can implement today for a more successful fundraising outcome.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t just put a rough number on how much you think will be enough for your surgery. Make a detailed budget for every single item that you will need pre and post-op, transportation, food, etc. That way it’s easier to raise money with a goal in mind and it’s easier to track.


2. HOW MUCH DO YOU ALREADY HAVE? (or how much can you come up with on your own)

When raising money online, the number 1 mistake I see a lot of people make is asking for every single thing to be paid for, including their meals and their underwear. What they don’t realize is that people think “if you can’t afford a meal, you probably should not be thinking about surgery.” People will donate because they want to help, not because they want to take care of you. Show people that you’re putting an effort into it by telling them how much you’ve already saved or how much you can come up with on your own.

Also if you’re running your fundraising on a website, add some money to it yourself so that it doesn’t show a zero status. Most people don’t want to be the first and the only ones (they will assume this) to donate to something. It will encourage them to be a part of it and they won’t think “yet another fundraising…”



Make a list of everyone you know and put them in categories. There are people you know personally, some people are friends, some are acquaintances, family members, neighbors, etc. You will know how to approach people based on how you know them but don’t just send a mass link or put it on your Facebook wall expecting everyone to do something. Doing that will show that you haven’t taken the time and effort to interract with them individually but would rather be lazy with a one-size-fits-all approach aka spamming.

Contact people individually via e-mail, phone or in person and make it personal because everyone is different.



Statistics are boring and people don’t want to know about them. Don’t try to convince people to give you money based on logic people it will never work unless it’s a business investment where you’re explaining the return on investment. Most people make money-spending decisions from the right side of the brain, so making them “think too much” about facts and statistics is doing the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish.

People don’t like excuses either. You don’t have to explain why you’re not able to raise all the money by yourself (unless it’s part of your story and not coming from guilt). People give money to those they trust, like or those who inspire them to give. You do that by creating a relationship with them through your story. If you think you don’t have a ‘good enough’ story, you should take a step back and think again. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else?



Enthusiasm is countageous. It comes from the Greek word “ENTHOUS” which means “possessed by a god” or “inspired.” You can’t inspire people if you seem desperate or depressed. It turns people off. You might be going through tough times but the people who succeed in their goals are those who always see the light at the end of the tunnel. People don’t like to feel bad or guilty. On the contrary, it’s in our human nature to want to help. Have you ever helped someone and felt great about yourself afterwards? If you make them feel good for helping or even for listening to your story, they will help you!



Although most people like to give without expecting anything in return, it’s always good to offer something back; whether it’s help with some work, bartering, a hand made gift or a postcard after they have donated. Everyone have something to offer. If you think of one think you can offer to the world and are successful at pinpointing it, you will be a very resourceful person.

Make sure that people know what they’re getting but don’t tell them about the postcard! It will warm their heart when you send it to them later.



Most people make a buying or money-spending decision after being exposed to the offer 3 times. Never take it personally if you’ve told someone about your fundraising and they haven’t donated. Maybe they’re busy or they haven’t taken the time to consider it. So make sure to follow up with people and don’t give up on someone just because they haven’t gotten back to you yet. Unless you hear a clear NO, keep asking!

Happy fundraising!


P.S. Have you or anyone you know been able to successfully raise money for surgery? Comment below and share your ideas. If you have any specific question, ask below too!

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