FTM Fitness




  • I’ve realized in life that what might be okay for one person, might offend another. Obviously my goal here is not to offend anyone, but sometimes this seems impossible. So don’t take anything personally. Most of this is just my personal opinion.
  • I understand that not all guys take or intend to take testosterone. If that’s you, just substitute what I say to “natural transition” or nothing at all.
  • I use the terms trans, Tguy, Tmale, bio, genetic, natal. Some people prefer one to the other but I think you’ll get the point. Focus on the concept, not the word.
  • I don’t necessarily like the word “passing” because it seems like we’re trying to trick people into believing we’re something that we’re not. But I might use it once it a while and put it in quotation marks.
  • I personally believe my ‘transgenderism’ is a medical condition, because after all, I seek medical help to become complete with myself. But I embrace it and it’s part of me so I’m not ashamed of it.

“Is FTM-related fitness different from ‘regular’ bio/genetic/natal males?”

First off, I have to say that to me, it’s an advantage to have lived in both bodies for a while (not that I enjoyed my past body…) because:

1. You appreciate your new body more: You see the gradual changes that testosterone brings; you start working out a little, or play a sport, and can almost instantly feel your muscles reacting; you lift something that you thought was heavy before, and realize you didn’t really need to lift that hard because you’re much stronger. And every little change you notice, you love it. So you don’t take your body for granted as some natal males would.

2. You actually ‘learn’ your body, learn the changes, learn what is good and what’s not good for your body to achieve your goals. Most natal males don’t study about their body or care that much. They just go through the motions, the changes and accept them as nature’s way of doing things. With trans guys it’s a process. If you’re already an adult, you learn to go through puberty again, and learn to understand what your new body can do.

3. You use the newly found knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition, testosterone etc. to your advantage so that you can push yourself to your full potentials.

Now to answer the question about whether or not fitness is different for T guys versus natal guys… in my opinion, not really… at least not as much as some people would think.

It’s true that we go through different changes, but it’s actually a good thing. Our bodies seem to ‘rejuvenate’ while we go through a second puberty. We have new found strength,  stamina/energy, sex-drive, motivations, etc.

It’s also true that you will not be the same one week on T versus 8 months on T, but the gradual change is exponential versus linear which is a great thing because otherwise older guys in transition would never be able to reach their actual age look.

In a linear/”normal” way of changing, you’ll see a natal boy getting into puberty, then slowly have a deeper voice, grow their hair, penis enlargement, etc. in a ‘normal’, slow process. If us T guys went through the same linear changes it would take us years to reach our full potentials.

But the good thing is that within 5 years of you starting your medical (hormone replacement therapy) transition, you should reach your full potentials. It doesn’t mean that you stop changing (we never stop growing and changing as human beings) but you are 100% recognized as male IN YOUR AGE RANGE… even though most of us look quite younger.. which is also an advantage, especially for older guys transitioning.

With Tmales-related fitness, many guys ask if they should workout or do their fitness calculations as females or males. Obviously you’d want to do everything from Day 1 as male. If you consider yourself both (two-spirit) then just choose one.

The myth here is that ‘women are weaker’ than men. Well… this is a dangerous question to ask or to answer but here’s my opinion anyways:

TECHNICALLY, if you compare the AVERAGE woman to the average man (same age, same ethnicity  same physical and mental condition, same background, same geographical area, living conditions..you get the point!) the man should be stronger. Now having said that, there are women who are bodybuilders and many women that can knock a guy out in a second. If they do take testosterone, they’d be even stronger. It’s almost an unfair advantage that guys have over women (or testosterone has over estrogen) because that bodybuilder woman probably has to work twice harder to get the same results a guy would. I know that because for a week’s worth of workout I would get results that would take me weeks to get pre-T. So bodybuilder women should be given A LOT of respect!

I personally hated it when people would tell me, pre-T, that “for a girl you’re pretty strong” because I did things that many girls my age normally didn’t do, and I was stronger than most of my male friends, but now that I’m on T, I’m obviously even much stronger and I’m aware of what my body can do if I push myself (I also understand why many people would say that to me as a compliment.)

So is fitness different for ‘regular’ guys versus T-guys? You decide…

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

-Napoleon Hill