Health is a lifestyle!


Fitness and nutrition are not just about looking good and boosting your confidence level. They’re most importantly about being healthy. Every choice you make affect your health one way or another, whether positive or negative.

It’s crucial when achieving your fitness goals, to focus on your overall health, especially for Trans guys.

I’ve heard of guys who can’t go on Testosterone, have to go on a lower dose, or are prescribed T under certain conditions because of their under-reactive thyroids, their cholesterol levels, because they’re overweight, etc. For many guys, this is the first time they start paying attention to their health.

Here are other things I’ve observed that are constantly brought up: sleep apnea; hypertension due to high cholesterol; heart rate due to being a heavy drinker and “endocrinologist won’t prescribe T until I stop drinking”; having to stop smoking before and after surgery because it affects healing, etc.

So normally we think we’ll just do the simple steps: do gender therapy, get our name changed, start hormone replacement therapy, get our surgeries, etc. but then all of a sudden without even realizing it, we are more aware of our overall health, ask questions, do research, find out things we didn’t know about ourselves etc.

And it’s a good thing! Because…

  1. You are more aware of your body and your overall health
  2. You are more motived to become healthier
  3. Your transition may have saved your life and may help you live longer

And the even better news is that most of these problems, if not all, are curable and can help you become a better person inside and out, see life from a different perspective and make the best of it!


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”