Let’s talk about money!


DISCLAIMER: Trans in this article refers to anyone who identifies as transgender, transsexual, inter-sex, gender non-conforming, two-spirit or simply as someone who was assigned one gender at birth and now identifies as another.

You know how money, just like sex, politics and religion are sensitive topics? Yet we can’t live without them? Well, that’s why I’m talking about it. If we avoid talking about money it becomes taboo, and if money is taboo, then how can you attract it in your life?

I grew up in a middle class family and I can’t remember ever thinking about money or seeing it the way I do today. I never had to because I knew that if I ever needed anything, I’d just ask my parents and they’d give it to me.

It might seem like an advantage to many people, but actually it’s not. Along  with that benefit, like most middle class families, I didn’t receive the financial education needed to duplicate the success I dream of today.

Most of the world’s economy is depressed today because schools don’t teach financial education and most families who succeed don’t teach their kids about money.

I learned that the fact that I never had to think about money brought complacency. You might argue that being poor doesn’t necessarily make you more intelligent about money… and you might be right to an extent. There are many factors that come in place when it comes to being financially educated and learning to be your money’s master instead of its slave. Your background plays little to no role in it.

I learned it the hard way! After I took my true identity in charge, like many Trans guys, I learned that sometimes it means losing everything. And I did. I lost housing, my car,  and the financial support I received. I realized that I was taking my blessings for granted, but it also forced me to look at things -mainly money- from a different perspective. I learned that a huge percentage of wealthy people grew up poor and didn’t/don’t have a college degree. But it also got me thinking about the number of people who are still very poor today even though they grew up in poor families. And yet again, how many people do you know grew up in middle class families and are barely making it today?

From Mark Twain’s quote “I never let schooling interfere with my education”, I decided to do my own research by reading and learning beyond what college taught me, about people who have succeeded financially in history and those who do today.

One thing all financially successful people have in common is that they start from the inside out. It’s not luck, and it’s not “hard work” like most people imagine it. It’s working on the mind and spirit FIRST. THEN everything follows. It’s SMART WORK. And universities don’t teach you that; if they did, we wouldn’t have so many educated broke people.

Have you ever read any of the economy and discrimination surveys on the Trans population? Then you already know that the community as a whole is… poor to say the least.

This is how I personally reason this fact:

Other than discrimination, many factors come into play, not only in the job setting but at every turn of our lives: dysphoria, depression, background, family rejection, lack of experience, and if you add race to this equation, the percentages get even higher!

How do we get above that together?

My goal in this section is to empower men of Trans experience and to help you take charge of your financial life. When we all rise as a community, we can truly become our brother’s keeper.