8 Types Of Men Women Fall For


8 Types Of Men Women Fall For:

*Although this post can apply to a wider spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations, I’m only speaking from my experience; it is not meant to offend or dismiss anyone, it is not meant to be an exhaustive list and it is not meant to generalize what all women want in a man.

#1. The Leader

women_love_leadersHistory has shown that women love men with a certain amount of power. This does not mean dictatorship, but a high enough level of confidence that allows you to be a leader, whether in your workplace or in your household. A great leader is first and foremost a great servant and always has everyone’s best interest at heart. 

#2. The Provider


Most marriages end up badly with a big argument around money because money is a tool that people put a lot of emotional energy into. Money opens doors to many opportunities and without it it’s almost impossible to appreciate life to the fullest. Women associate money with comfort, security and freedom.

#3. The Handsome Guy


There is no argument that once in a while it helps to have just your looks do the talking; that goes for men and women. Attractiveness in a guy can be his natural handsome looks, but his sense of style, his charisma, his smile, the way he moves, etc. can add to it.

#4. The Smart Guy


Having a high IQ and putting it into concrete knowledge or action can be a turn on for women. Quality women who are looking for a long term relationship want a partner that can stimulate them physically as well as emotionally and intellectually. Plus I’ve heard that nerds are the new bosses these days… it can always lead to #1 if you apply yourself.

#5. The Creative Guy


This can be an artist, a photographer, an innovator or someone who always thinks outside of the box, who is spontaneous and has a big imagination, constantly creating new concepts in his mind or has an eye for beauty, seeing what most people can’t see.

#6. The Athlete


Women throughout history since the beginning of this planet, have loved men who were in shape, because it gave them a better chance to be providers by hunting for example, it made them better warriors and it meant that they would live longer; plus you get to perform better sexually in my opinion, especially if you have a woman with a lot of energy.

#7. The Warrior


Needless to say, a warrior is one who is able to protect his territory; in the literal way I’m talking about someone who can defend himself and his woman physically if needed; in a figurative way, I’m talking about a spiritual warrior. To me it means knowing your strength and weaknesses and constantly improving them, being emotionally mature, having integrity and being grounded.

#8. The Entertainer

In French we always joke “femme qui rit à moitié au lit,” which means a woman who laughs is halfway in your bed. Having the ability to make a woman laughs transfers energy (rapport) and makes you likable, trusting and comfortable, fun to be around. It shows that you are confident enough to entertain her or a crowd. That’s why women like story tellers, musicians, comedians, actors, etc.


Which one are you? You might be one or a combination (or even all of them). To increase your options and raise the quantity and quality of the women you attract, you first have to raise your own value 😉