FreeTom Prosthetic 4 in 1



Many of us spend a tremendous amount of time researching the best prosthetic for different uses, whether that’s for the comfort of packing, to stand to pee, or for sex. And even for sex, it’s difficult to find something that you can wear the entire time and get pleasured while you also pleasure your partner.

I always pride myself in my ability to do extensive research and find the best results; after so many options out there, I had narrowed it down to three. For legal reasons, I’m not going to mention them, but the other two options were quickly turned town for these reasons: one was too pricey and didn’t offer all the options I was looking for; it also seemed to be too heavy to wear on a daily basis; the other one didn’t seem realistic nor thick enough for me and was also missing some options.

So, I chose to try out the only one that I thought made sense for my needs while still offering a realistic, affordable investment cost: The FreeTom 4 in 1 prosthetic! Not only it has everything I need: pack, pee, play and pleasure, the paint and the veins are realistic enough, the flexible rod is very innovative because I can move the shaft in any direction, depending on if I’m packing, peeing or playing; and when playing, I can use it in as many different positions as possible without feeling awkward or hurting my partner. It’s the perfect length and thickness and feels realistic for penetration and my favorite part is the fact that I don’t pee on myself when I try to use it. Let’s face it… I know many of us have tried lots and lots of STPs and have given up because I end up having to clean up more than I signed up for. The FreeTom took me a couple of practice sessions and once I got the hang of it, I was good to go!

I’d recommend wearing it with a comfortable jockstrap for packing or strap underwear like the RodeoH for playing.

So if you’re looking for something worth the investment so that you can get rid of all your other 22 packers in your drawer, hands down, I’d say get the FreeTom!

Have fun and always play safe!