Creating the perfect workout room in the home


Having a workout area at home means you are far more likely to exercise regularly. Take away the inconvenience and expense of traveling to the gym and it is easier for your workout to fit in alongside the other priorities in your life. You will find you can do some exercise even on busy days; research shows that even 10 to 20 minutes physical exercise a day is beneficial to your overall fitness and health, so even if you can only manage a quick run on the treadmill or some sit-ups at the end of a long, hard day, you are still doing some good.

Using a room or space in your home

Ideally, you need a light, airy space where you can stretch out your whole body. You might choose to dedicate a whole room as your workout area so that equipment is out of the way; utilize the spare room, cellar, loft, or garage. If you are unable to commit a whole room to a workout area, dedicate a corner of a room where you can keep your weights, equipment or mat.

Décor for your workout room

Décor should be calm and neutral, but add whatever inspires you in the way of wall art, decals, sports memorabilia, even colors or shirts from your favorite team or player. Choose a wooden floor and install underfloor heating for a real personal boost when you get down on the floor to work out. The room has to be well ventilated and cool for when you work up a sweat. A window with light-diffusing shutters is ideal so that light can flood into your workout area; you can tilt the blinds on sunnier days so that the bright sun doesn’t overheat your room or cause discomfort to your eyes. Consider a ceiling fan or a portable fan to keep you cool.

Suitable equipment

Equipment might include a bench, weights or dumbbells, and a yoga mat for floor exercises. You might want to purchase an exercise bike, a treadmill, a rowing machine, or a cross trainer. Those more serious about muscle building might want a multi-gym or a weight training system. Consider getting a punch bag, a skipping rope and resistance bands; aim to incorporate a cardiovascular workout with exercises to work different sets of muscles.


Hang a mirror to create a feeling of space and to check your position and posture when lifting weights. Consider storage for weights and a rack for towels. Music from a sound system will inspire you, and a TV screen will provide an entertaining distraction.

Using a room or space in your home to work out is the ideal solution for someone who wants to work on their fitness without the disruption of going to a gym. You can concentrate on the important job of stretching your body without worrying about time constraints, expense, parking, and how you look. Lose yourself in your favorite music, think of it as time to yourself, and you will enjoy your exercise routine.