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    Please read these simple rules; it will make everyone’s experience easier.

    • If you can’t say it out loud, don’t write it. Have some common sense as to what you post on the internet.
    • Posting racist, sexist, homophobic, and overall hateful remarks that disrespect another person’s lifestyle or beliefs will get you banned.
    • You cannot have more than one account. Your ISP will be banned for spamming and violation.
    • No advertising unless a moderator gave you permission.
    • Don’t post nude/NSFW content in general forums or chats
    • Remember: Sometimes it’s easier to let it go than to fight it:
      • You can’t agree with everyone
      • You can’t get everyone to agree with you
      • You can’t solve a disagreement when you’re too emotionally involved in it
      • It makes you look ridiculous when you keep arguing with someone who doesn’t get it. They might even be getting a kick out of upsetting you.
      • LET IT GO and move on to the next topic!

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