Creating the perfect workout room in the home

Having a workout area at home means you are far more likely to exercise regularly. Take away the inconvenience and expense of traveling to the gym and it is easier for your workout to fit in alongside the other priorities in your life. You will find you can do some exercise even on busy days; research shows that even 10 […]

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FreeTom Prosthetic 4 in 1

FREETOM PROSTHETIC 4 in 1 REVIEW Many of us spend a tremendous amount of time researching the best prosthetic for different uses, whether that’s for the comfort of packing, to stand to pee, or for sex. And even for sex, it’s difficult to find something that you can wear the entire time and get pleasured while you also pleasure your […]

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8 Types Of Men Women Fall For

8 Types Of Men Women Fall For

8 Types Of Men Women Fall For: *Although this post can apply to a wider spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations, I’m only speaking from my experience; it is not meant to offend or dismiss anyone, it is not meant to be an exhaustive list and it is not meant to generalize what all women want in a man. […]

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Mind, Body, Spirit with Jody and Neo

Mind, Body, Spirit with Jody and Neo more

Economic Empowerment – FTM Fitness World on Air

Economic Empowerment – FTM Fitness World on Air more

FTM Fitness World on Air with Jody and Neo

FTM Fitness World on Air with Jody and Neo more

Disclosing your trans status while dating

“I want to start dating, but I’m worried about one thing: How do I disclose my Trans status?” Many people ask that question to friends or to themselves almost on a daily basis. Once you’re comfortable with yourself inside and out, you start checking yourself out in the mirror more and more, and then you start thinking about the ladies*… […]

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Health is a lifestyle!

Fitness and nutrition are not just about looking good and boosting your confidence level. They’re most importantly about being healthy. Every choice you make affect your health one way or another, whether positive or negative. It’s crucial when achieving your fitness goals, to focus on your overall health, especially for Trans guys. I’ve heard of guys who can’t go on […]

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The proper care for your muscle

Many times we don’t think about caring for our muscles in other ways than just “pumping” them with new or perfected workout routines; but the advantages of knowing how to properly take care of your muscles include avoiding injuries and avoiding your progress to come to a halt. It’s definitely easy (and common) to hit a plateau in weight loss […]

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I’m not a dating expert, but I know enough to write about it!

One of the most talked about topics in the FTM community is, of course, dating. If we’re not talking about testosterone and how to maximize it or surgeries, usually we’re talking about dating or sex. Part of it is because how sex drive (mostly) dramatically increases when we start hormone replacement therapy. It’s only fitting then, that there should be […]

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