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Meet Brent Freeland – Profile of the Month

NAME: Brent AGE: 31 LOCATION: Florida TRANSITION STAGE: Started social transition in 2008, medical transition in 2009; top surgery in 2010 and a hysterectomy in 2011.  Brent is a college student studying Exercise Science as well as studying to get certified as a personal trainer. He was recently certified as a group exercise trainer. His interests include baseball, watching and […]

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Meet A.J. Scruggs – Profile of the Month

Goes by: Anthony Or AJ AGE: 25 LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA Transition stage: On T for 3 years, pre-op. Interests/hobbies: Cooking (He’s in school to be a chef), Working out, Ballroom, and Mentorship. I had the pleasure and honor to get to know AJ for a few days before I actually got to interview him. He’s very humble and giving, but also very […]

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Meet Kyler Wilson – Profile of the Month

NAME: Kyler Wilson AGE: 25 LOCATION: IDAHO Kyler is a full-time college student and is almost 7 months on Testosterone (Started on July 16, 2012), He is pre-op and currently in the process of legally changing his name. His interests are: Working out, spending time with his girlfriend, family, friends and pets and fishing/camping in the summer. I interviewed Kyler […]

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