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Post-Op Chest Surgery

This is my experience post-operatively after having my chest surgery. The surgery went well.  I got to have a good chat with the anaesthetist before surgery began, and he had mentioned that if I were to come round feeling nauseous, then I was to say and he would give me something to make me feel better quickly.  As it happened, […]

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Preparing for Chest Surgery

This is my story about my Chest Surgery.  I appreciate that everyone’s story is different, but I am telling my story to give you an idea of what to expect if you are pre-op and waiting for your surgery. My pre-surgical preparation started approximately 1 year before the date itself.  The hormones that I had started on had caused weight […]

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Why Mindset is a Major Component To A Healthy Body

I’m often asked how I use mindset in relation to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are 7 ways I keep my mind in shape, too! 1. If a negative thought comes into my mind, I replace it with this phrase: Right now, I’m grateful for ___________, and I list everything that I’m grateful for at that time. This changes the […]

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